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Welcome to Punjab Law and NRI Group.

Punjab Law and NRI Group Ltd. provide legal and consulting services throughout India.  These services are of a special interest to Non Resident Indians (NRI’s) who are living abroad as well as foreign businesses and individual clients around the world.

The legal services are provided through highly recognized law firms.  Legal consulting services are provided through highly experienced law professors and distinguished retired judges.

21st century belongs to India. It has emerged as a global economic super power. Economically it’s India’s Golden time. As compared to the Western and European economies India’s financial situation is much under control and its growing at a rapid rate. Due to this very reason, more and more foreign businesses are expanding their presence in India. The prices of Real Estate in India is sky rocketing. This in turn has created huge family disputes between the NRI’s and their family members who live in India.

It’s a very horrendous job for NRI’s to defend themselves in Indian courts without the help of reliable, honest and professional lawyers.  Punjab Law NRI Group Ltd. will assist its clients in retaining credible lawyers.

At present the legal services are available in the State of Punjab.  These services are provided with the help of a very well established law firm of Sahib Singh Bhatia.  He was one of the most distinguished and legendary lawyers who started his law practice in Jalandhar City, Punjab soon after India gained its independence from the British Rule in 1947.  He hailed from the same famous era of lawyers which included lawyers such as Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, Motilal Nehru, and Mahatma Gandhi who all got their education in law in England.

Now the legend of Sahib Singh Bhatia’s law practice lives through his grandson, Inderjit Singh Bhatia with its head office in Jalandhar City. The Legal services are provided in Punjab which includes Ludhiana, Nawan Shaher, Patiala, Amristsar, Moga and so on - including The Punjab & Haryana High Court in Chandigarh.

Sahib Singh Bhatia L.L.B.
The Founder